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CSD 680 Applied Research for Communication Science and Disorders

Course Description:< /strong> This course will be taught with a combination of traditional lecture, interactive classroom discussion in problem solving, exams and assignments. As students, it is hoped that you will increase your competency in using, interpreting, analyzing, and synthesizing evidenced-based research and the importance and necessity for ethical practice. This course is designed to contribute to student experiences to address and/or meet the following ASHA Knowledge and Skills Outcome Standards: Knowledge of standards if ethical conduct; Knowledge of processes used in research and of the integration of research principals into evidence-based clinical practice; Demonstrated knowledge of contemporary professional issues (ASHA practice policies and guidelines); Demonstrated knowledge of entry level and advanced certifications, licensure, and other relevant professional credentials, as well as local, state, and national regulations and policies relevant to professional practice; and Skills demonstrating oral and written or other forms of communication sufficient for entry into professional practice.

Course Rotation: NY; Fall


3 credits


CSD 460 Minimum Grade of C