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DCS 821 Software Development and Engineering I

Course Description: These courses address the environment in which software systems are built and used. Critical and emerging issues in computer science, information systems and software engineering and their relationship to software development and design provide the major theme. Students develop a substantial project working in small teams. The project development explores cutting edge object-oriented development methodologies such as extreme programming (XP), open source, and mob software, and is implemented in Java. Pattern-oriented software architecture as an approach to software development is explored. Emphasis is on practice-oriented software engineering and information systems, and is representative of the real-world environment with which practicing computer professionals interact - tool-rich working environments, team development efforts, cost performance trade-offs in business contexts, and expenditure of considerable effort on tasks other than source-code development. Topics include: Problem solving paradigms; the software engineering problems of scale, cost, schedule, quality and consistency; software development process; requirements; object-oriented analysis and design; organizational patterns; analysis patterns, design patterns; object-oriented architectures; process improvement - CMM, ISO 9001; quality assurance; human-computer-interface design issues; Internet programming; computer ethics.


2 - 3 credits