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DIS 104 Human Development and Developmental Variations

Course Description: This course examines concepts of human development and developmental variations as a foundation for understanding human growth, development and challenges applied to the field of human services. By examining the life span in the context of recent research and developmental theory, students will grapple be prepared to apply general knowledge and understanding of the varies stages of human development to developmental challenges experienced by persons with disabilities and their families at different stages of life span. Through guided field experiences, students will observe and reflect on different aspects of developmental research and theoretical principles, including the development of personal identity, cultural and developmental variations, as well as cognitive, social and vocational implications for persons with disabilities living in 21'1 century communities. During this course, students will consider ways in which interpersonal relationships, roles and relationships in home and community living can be designed to support the developmental process throughout the lifespan. Four classes will be held in face-to-face sessions, interspersed with interactive, on-line learning experiences.


4 credits