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DIS 300 Health and Wellness for People with Disabilities

Course Description: This course provides the student with a general overview of the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and environmental dimensions of health and wellness and their applications to people with disabilities. This course is designed to assist students in making informed decisions about personal health behavior. Students will examine the risk factors and high prevalence diseases impacting people with disabilities. Through health knowledge and proactive planning, students will learn prevention strategies that can be effective f(Jr protecting and preserving individual health when working with people with disabilities. The health content to he covered includes topics such as health terminology, history of advancements in health and technology relating to people with disabilities, health disparities, nutrition, fitness, psychosocial health, stress management, alcohol and tobacco use, relationships, communication and infectious diseases, injury prevention, environmental health, and the aging process.

4 credits

DIS 305 Supervising and Developing Personnel in Human Services Organizations

Course Description: The purpose of this course is to examine the broad range of services and functions of the human service professional in his or her workplace. The student will become knowledgeable about the many roles and functions of the human service professional, gain an understanding of the types of agencies where human service professionals are employed, and will examine the skills required to educate, enrich, Inspire and supervise the human service professional Students will participate in fieldwork and receive hands-on training from experienced management personnel in the human service field in a variety of settings. Students will participate in experiential observations to develop an understanding of the role and function of the human service professional and the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to be successful in this honorable field of work. The many needs of different groups who benefit from direct service provided by human service professionals are identified. Introductions to interviewing, active listening, and report writing skills are presented.

4 credits