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EDG 601 Social Foundations

Course Description:In this course candidates investigate historical and contemporary issues and trends in general, special education, and inclusive education and research on those topics. They examine the impact of laws, court decisions, politics, economics, and other social factors on equity of access, opportunity, and achievement for all students. Topics such as school financing, inclusion, disproportionality, achievement gaps, and school choice will be addressed. Particular attention will be paid to these factors across categories of student demographics such as race, gender, ethnicity, disability, linguistic diversity. Candidates will examine the structure and organization of New York State’s educational system and the relationships between schools and the communities they serve. As a result, candidates will be able to research an educational issue, identify competing ideas about the topic, describe ways in which the issue and suggested solutions affect students from under-represented and under-served groups take a position on the issue, and explain the rationale grounding their stance. They also will be able to utilize New York State School Report Cards and other relevant research to analyze the relationship between schools and the communities they serve and the correlation of that relationship to student achievement. Fieldwork is required.


1.5 credits