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EDG 612 English Language Arts Instruction and Assessment In Inclusive Adolescent Classrooms

Course Description:This course provides the beginning teacher with an opportunity to explore content specific issues, strategies for curriculum design, pedagogical methods and lesson planning facilitating meaningful learning for secondary students in English Language Arts (ELA). Collegial interaction to encourage high achievement in literacy for all secondary students (including youngsters with disabilities and special health-care needs) will be emphasized and an opportunity provided to explore instructional uses of technology (including assistive technology) to acquire information, to communicate and to enhance learning. Formal and informal assessment of the integrated strands of reading/writing/listening/speaking, including various types of literacy assessments (teacher designed and state-wide standards-based assessments), will be introduced as well as procedures to utilize this assessment data in order to differentiate instruction for a wide range of student needs. Analysis of literary elements/techniques ("form follows meaning") will be central to building skills in teaching poetry, the novel, the Shakespearean and contemporary play, the research project, the newspaper and non-fiction. Students will practice presenting genre-based ELA micro-lessons with interdisciplinary connections for peer/instructor feedback. Candidates will develop, plan and teach units and lessons which demonstrate content competency in a range of English content. Course Rotation:Fall, Spring, Summer


3 credits


EDG 601 Minimum Grade of B and EDG 610 Minimum Grade of B