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EDG 616 Cross-Disciplinary Instruction and Assessment in Inclusive Adolescent Classroom

Course Description:This course will explore differentiation of curriculum and instruction to prepare candidates to plan, accommodate and modify their planning and teaching to meet the needs of all students, to include students identified as disabled, at risk, and culturally and linguistically diverse. Course content will include theory, research and skills necessary for successful co-teaching. Through class discussion, course assignment, simulated teaching experiences and classroom observations participants will deepen their skill in planning content area instruction to accommodate all students in inclusive classrooms within and outside of their content specialty area. All candidates will develop skill in teaching computational and word-problem solving skills to support mathematics learning. They will enhance their knowledge and skill in using learning strategies, peer-mediated learning, and explicit instruction. They will be provided with opportunities to utilize evidence-based or promising practices, the principles of universal design for learning and assistive and instructional technology. This course will include the roles and responsibilities of the teacher in IEP and transition planning.


3 credits