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EDG 617 Inclusive Literacy Assessment and Instruction

Course Description:This course builds on the prior language and literacy development courses as well as general methods and assessment courses. It focuses on integrating literacy instruction based on evidence-based practices in all content areas at the secondary level. Understanding the multiliterate identities of adolescent learners and ways to connect learner interests and abilities to build the academic literacy skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking is an emphasis in this course. The course considers the development of literacy skills through use of evidence-based practices for students with varying abilities as needed for general strategy content learning, including the identification, assessment, intervention process for targeted literacy instruction. Additional issues that will be explored are specific compensatory literacy programs, assistive technology, the role of the literacy specialist in inclusion and pull-out programs and remedial literacy strategies to support students in decoding/encoding, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. New literacies and the use of emerging technologies for content literacy instruction at the secondary level will be discussed.


4 credits