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EDU 200I Topic: Education and Society

Course Description: Have you ever wondered why there are so many kinds of schools in the United States and why the graduates of those schools seem to have such different experiences? Have you ever wondered how those differences affect a student’s future – does it affect their work, the amount of money they earn, the places they live? If you’ve thought about these things, have you wondered how they affect you and your future? This course will give you an opportunity to think and learn about all these questions and a lot more. We will look at American schools from today and in the past, focusing especially on Yonkers schools. We will look at what people think and have thought about the purpose of education. Through projects and readings, movies and music, we will learn about the struggles for equal educational opportunity for all students. You will learn about how you can take advantage of the opportunities you have, how to deal with road blocks, and how to create even more opportunities.


3 credits