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EDU 617 Reading and Writing Basic Instruction (Secondary Schools)

Course Description:The demands within the American education system have lead to changes in teacher preparation. One of the significant modifications in teacher preparation is the importance of the writing component. The new certification exams, which go into effect in spring 2014, place increased emphasis on candidates’ ability to communicate effectively through writing. In addition, as a future educator in the 21st century, all of the work teachers do is electronically available not only to students but to parents, administrators, and the local community as well. The need to prepare K-12 students to meet demanding expectations and to address Common Core Learning Standards that emphasize rigorous literacy demands necessitate that K-12 teachers are prepared to write well. For these reasons, the goal of the SOE Writing Coaching Initiative is to provide support for candidates in their writing assignments throughout the fall semester in order to improve the candidates’ abilities in writing.


0 - 3 credits