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EDU 702 The Exceptional Child: Field Experience and Seminar

Course Description: This course is an introduction to atypical children. Students are placed in a special education setting that educates exceptional children. The emphasis will be on the role of school psychologist, community psychologist, teacher, and other school personnel in special education. The experience will encompass at least one day per week (six and one half hours per day) for five months and will be discussed at weekly seminars in which the physical, emotional and educational problems of exceptional children are covered. The seminar will focus on the major types of exceptional children found in the public schools and community, such as the emotionally handicapped and the learning disabled. The psychological and emotional needs of these children will be discussed, as well as the psychologist's role in assessment, consultation, and intervention. This course will include at least six hours of training in multicultural issues. There will be scheduled conferences with individual students. This is a foundation of education courses.

Course Rotation: NYC: Spring.


3 credits


EDU 601 Minimum Grade of C or EDU 701 Minimum Grade of B