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ENV 201 Animals and Society

New Core: Fulfills 3-credits in Civic Engagement (Area of Knowledge I).

Course Description: This is a service-learning course that stretches our everyday concepts of civic engagement and community to include the world of animals. This year the focus is on wildlife. What defines an animal as wild? Why are so many human/animal conflicts on the rise? What can be done to resolve these issues and preserve animals and their habitat? All students are required to work at a minimum of three designated non-profit organizations, such as The SPCA of Westchester, Wolf Conservation Center, or Trailside Zoo. You will also be challenged by documentary films, readings, interesting writing assignments and class discussions. The course strives to make clear the myths and realities of buffalo, wolves, elephants, and wild horses in our culture as well as the role farm animals and pets have played in shaping our identity. Students are encouraged to question their own assumptions about animal intelligence and emotions and to ask what the consequences of these assumptions are.

Course Rotation: NYC: Fall and Spring, PLV: Fall.


3 credits