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ENV 230 Natural Beauty: An Introduction to Environmental Aesthetic

New Core: Fulfills 3 credits in Humanistic and Creative Expression (Area of Knowledge IV).

Course Description: This course examines various aesthetic senses of nature and their influence on human reactions to the natural world. We will read texts by environmentalists, naturalists, philosophers, ecologists, theologians, and literary works like the flamboyant and exhibitionist 19th century romantics, and the distinctly American phenomena of New England Transcendentalism. We will view works of art from different historical periods and traditions, for example the Hudson River School painters, landscapes of the pointillists, and traditional Chinese landscape painting, and witness Constable's capturing the chiaroscuro of nature in the dews and breezes of the countryside. We will not only study the aesthetics of beauty, but also investigate aesthetic qualities broadly defined to include symbolic codes and properties that metaphorically express particular cultural values.

Course Rotation: NYC: Spring, odd years


3 credits