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ENV 260 Climatology

Course Description:It’s taken billions of years to generate the exact, quintessential conditions needed for humans to survive on Earth, and yet in less than a century, humans now threaten to upset the delicate balance that makes existence on this planet possible. Starting with the industrial revolution, the use of fossil fuels have enabled the population to prosper abs grow with the consequence of creating a blanket of heat surrounding the earth that is jeopardizing our climate’s stability. While climate has naturally cycled over the course of earth’s long history, the changes that have begun are because of anthropogenic meddling, and 98% of scientists agree that we must take control of our addiction to fossil fuels or risk the habitability of the planet. The scientific mechanisms of atmospheric and ocean circulation are well understood, and climate scientists are actively trying to predict the outcome of our actions through climate models and computer forecasting. Even with the mountain of evidence stacked up and the inevitability of widespread conflict if we don’t work to solve this crisis, political and public discourse has been problematic with the barrage of disinformation that’s been concocted from the fossil fuel industries who stand to profit from inaction, will we be able to overcome the monumental obstacle we face? Or have we already surpassed the tipping point? By the end of the course, you’ll have an in depth understanding of climate change from both scientific and social perspectives.
Course Rotation:NY, Fall


3 credits