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ENV 296O Topic: Environmental Roots and Rights: The Practice and Principles of American Environmentalism

Course Description: Rooted in citizen activism that dates to the earliest days of the republic, fundamental to the development of 20th century democracy, and pervasive in 21st-century politics, business, and social mores, American environmentalism helps define America and its place in the world. The first half of the semester offers a survey of the development of American environmentalism from the blossoming of citizen activism in the founding days of the republic, to the growth of the American conservation movement, to the birth of the contemporary environmental movement and the world’s most aggressive body of environmental law. The second half of the semester is devoted to a case study of a current high-profile environmental issue, culminating with competing teams of students drafting briefs, preparing exhibits, and making oral arguments in a moot court public hearing at Pace Law School presided by Pace Law Professor Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. The course also includes noted guest lecturers.


3 credits