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ENV 296R Topics in Environmental Studies: Native Voices

Course Description: This course offers students a rare opportunity to learn about American Indian cultures and their people's current efforts to protect what is sacred - the land, the water, the animals and other natural resources. Nearly all the readings (novels and non-fiction) will be by Native authors and scholars, and will challenge you to think outside the box of Western culture. By the end of the course, you will understand the connections that exist between their struggles and our struggles in a historical and colonial context. Students will collaborate in promoting events held on campus during class time that will inform the larger Westchester community, and will work with a local nonprofit organization to outreach to the 2,000 Indegenous peoples who live in Westchester County. For more information, call (914)773-3793. This course may substitute for a literature course with the permission of the Chairperson of the English Department.


3 credits