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ENV 296W Mapping Urban Areas: Tools for Environmental Planning

Course Description: The use of geographic information systems (GIS) has been rapidly growing. The expansion of GIS is apparent in the fields of environmental analysis, land use planning, health services, emergency preparedness, facility management. In response to this growth, Pace University has offered GIS courses to introduce students to basic GIS concepts, software functionality, mapping projects and design issues. These courses have encouraged a "hands on" approach to learning the latest professional mapping software. Geographers and mapping specialist use such software to query, analyze, display and output geographic data. GIS technology is powerful because it provides the ability to visualize information and relationships through a map. Class projects and exercises expose students to a variety of GIS data sets including aerial photography, parcel boundaries, building footprints, census block groups, flood zones, well locations, etc. Mapping services are in high demand and continue to grow as they serve organizations and communities worldwide. Successful completion of the GIS course can prepare students for an entry-level GIS internship position in GIS.

Course Rotation: NY: Spring.


3 credits