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ENV 296QY Topic: Act Locally: Environmental Issues and You - Learning Community

Course Description: This course will focus on the philosophy of famous scientist and naturalist Rene Dubos, "Think Globally, Act Locally". By becoming educated about global environmental issues, students will develop skills enabling them to respond in a responsible way to issues specific to their daily lives. The initial phase of the course will focus on identifying and analyzing environmental issues from the perspective of an average environmentally illiterate citizen. Correlations will be made between humans and their perceptions of the role they play with regard to our natural environment. The second phase of the course will integrate theories and philosophies from experts stressing the importance of individual action. Students will become involved in team projects organized with a community entity that will afford them with the opportunity to provide a substantial community service. Students will be involved in off campus projects that will likely be situated in a local sanctuary, park, educational institution, or area in need of environmental remediation.

3 credits