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EP 607 Leadership and Environmental Decision Making

Course Description: Whether it is the public sector, the private sector, or the nonprofit sector, environmental managers of today must be fully prepared for the roles they will be assuming in the highly politicized world of environmental policy. Leadership and decision-making in the environmental sector is a highly complex management issue that integrates public and private sectors and crosses multiple geographic borders. Today's professionals must be fully engaged with their communities and aware of diverse externalities in this often contentious discipline. Subsequently, a leadership and decision-making course that focuses on key skills is necessary to develop effective environmental professionals. This course is centered on building a conceptual foundation in leadership, decision-making and skill-building. Key focus areas for skill building include policy analysis, structured decision-making, motivational applications, and ethics. Contemporary leaders must understand the leadership perspective and learn how to work within the management framework to affect change. Ultimately, developing management skills that facilitate relationships and motivate across multiple disciplines and government entities will drive environmental policy.

Course Rotation: PLV: Fall


3 credits