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FIN 350 Global Money and Capital Markets

Prerequisite: FIN 260 or FIN 301, ECO 238 and junior standing.

Course Description: A survey of the sources and uses of funds in financial markets from the standpoint of both investors and users. The course examines short, intermediate and long-term sources of financing business operations and the structure of market interest rates for various financing instruments. Markets examined include those for money market instruments, stocks and bonds, stock options, T-Bill futures, Ginnie Mae futures, Eurodollars and Eurobonds. The various applications of interest rate theory, Federal Reserve Operations, U.S. Treasury Operations and international financing to financial markets are studied.

Course Rotation: NYC: Fall, Spring, and Summer. PLV: Spring.


3 credits


(FIN 201 Minimum Grade of D or FIN 260 Minimum Grade of D or FIN 301 Minimum Grade of D) and ECO 238 Minimum Grade of D