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FIN 649 International Corporate Finance

Course Description: Surveys the financial environment, goals and problems of the multinational corporation. Analyzes the financial opportunities and risks resulting from business operations in differing political, economic and monetary systems. Topics include: balance of payments accounting and analysis techniques, the evolution of the international monetary system with special emphasis on current issues, foreign exchange rate determination and forecasting, foreign exchange risk and exposure management techniques, environmental risk management. Covers special topics in international finance such as working capital management strategies, capital budgeting, cost of capital and optimal financial structure.


3 credits


Pre-requisite for FIN 648/649 ( Course : FIN 647 . Minimum Grade of C. ) and (Course : MBA 648 . Minimum Grade of C. ) or (Course : BUS 512 . Minimum Grade of C. ) or (Course : MBA 632 . Minimum Grade of C. )