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FIN 680D Topic: Financing & Marketing Implications of Market Orientation in India

Course Description: India has traditionally been an economy, where family-based enterprises have always been important. As the country moves forward, management expertise is going to be crucial. The issue is related to corporations increasing use of capital markets, where investors are much more impatient and much more demanding of results than family conclaves. These developments also parallel India’s move to a consumer culture and, what has been called in the marketing literature, the growing market or marketing orientation in developed and developing economies. This course will explore the implications of this changing business environment for marketing and financing strategies of both Indian and US firms operating in the region. In our trip to India, we will explore these marketing, finance and management issues by visiting firms in several industries particularly in the consumer packaged goods sector technology sector, financial institutions, cultural and historical sites, and business schools.


3 credits


BUS 512 Min Grade C or MBA 632 Min Grade B