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FIN 680H Topic: Contemporary Topics in Finance - Introduction to Hedge Funds

Prerequisite: BUS 508, BUS 510, and BUS 512 or MBA 626 and MBA 632.

Course Description: The goal of this course is to provide students with an overview of the burgeoning hedge fund industry and its role in the financial and economic environment. The course will cover different trading strategies and provide opportunities to discuss current legal, social, and ethical issues related to the hedge fund industry. Topics will include the origin of hedge funds, business issues of hedge fund managers, institutional developments in the hedge fund community, regulatory issues, the use of derivatives, and strategies to avoid financial instability.


3 credits


(BUS 508 Min Grade C and BUS 510 Min Grade C and BUS 512 Min Grade C) or (MBA 626 Min Grade B and MBA 632 Min Grade B)