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FIN 696 Finance Internship

Prerequisite: MBA 632. Permission of the Department Chair or Graduate Program Chair is required. Students must have completed at least 12 graduate credits.

Course Description: As opportunities become available with cooperating companies in the area, finance majors with strong academic records will be selected to undertake a carefully planned work experience that will integrate the practical application of their classroom training. Students will maintain a weekly-log which will be reviewed periodically with the supervising faculty member, and will be required to prepare a rigorous industry analysis or research paper as dictated by the industry/economic/service sector to which the sponsoring internship provider belongs. Students will explore in their research the relationship between theory and practice based upon their internship experiences. Interns are supervised by a faculty member in the Finance and Economics Department. Interested students majoring in finance should contact the Finance and Graduate Economics Department in White Plains or New York.


3 credits


MBA 632