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FRE 161 The French Speaking World Seen Through Its Films

Course conducted in English.
Fulfills 3 credits in the Film and Screen Studies major or minor.

New Core: Fulfills 3 credits in Area of Knowledge II or 3 credits in Area of Knowledge IV. This is a writing enhanced course.

Course Description: Students will learn about the people who speak French (Francophones) by reading selections about the French from various print and internet sources, by viewing, analyzing and writing about film produced by French and Francophone directors, and by online discussions of these documents and films. Watching Francophones in action will help students understand both similarities and differences in cultural expectations, attitudes and values. In addition, students will view a series of films, selected for their representation of cultural topics. Before viewing the film, students will read selections from the text, as well as prepare and discuss cultural materials. For each film, students will discuss the topic on Blackboard, bringing in observations, ideas, and thoughts. Additional activities include reading, keeping a journal, online discussion of texts and films, viewing of films and film clips, short papers and a final PowerPoint presentation.

Course Rotation: PL: Fall, odd years.


3 credits