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HS 112 Introduction to Human Services

Course Description: An introductory survey of the practice of social work, its purpose and function, values and philosophical premises, body of knowledge, and historical roots. Case illustrations will be used to demonstrate the generic approach to problem solving. Fields of practice will be examined in the context of essential relationships among social welfare policy, agency structure, service delivery systems and social work research.

Course Rotation: PLV: Spring - Odd years.

3 credits

HS 128 Community Organization

Course Description: Introduction to the theory and practice of community work including organizational design and change. Exploration of goals, alternative action strategies, and the social and political factors affecting these processes.

Course Rotation: PLV: TBA.

3 credits

HS 163 Family Dynamics

Course Description: An in-depth look at family dynamics from a family systems perspective. Attention will be paid to inter-generational, ethnic and gender themes; communication styles and conflict resolution; and therapeutic approaches to family dysfunction. Use of case studies and opportunity for work on students' own families.

Course Rotation: PLV: Fall - Odd years.

3 credits

HS 164 Aging and the Family

Course Description: Exploration of the processes of aging from individual and societal perspectives. The status of the aged will be explored in the context of structural changes in the family and other social support systems. Emphasis upon services to elderly on both an out- and in-patient basis.

Course Rotation: PLV: Summer.

3 credits

HS 167 Substance Abuse

Course Description: Examination of the physical, social, physiological and emotional determinants of substance abuse from a systems perspective. Consideration of both residential and out-patient treatment modalities along with both the short and long term impact of substance abuse on children, families and society. Use of case studies.

Course Rotation: PLV: Fall - Even years.

3 credits