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HS 240 Children and Adolescents: Theory and Practice

Prerequisite: PSY 104 (formerly PSY 100) and PSY 105 (formerly PSY 101). Course combines previous HS 240 and 241.

Course Description: An exploration of children's and adolescents' dysfunctional behaviors, utilizing psychodynamic and family systems theories. Comparative study of assessment and treatment modalities, with consideration given to multiple impacts of gender, ethnicity, and social class. Use of case materials.

Course Rotation: PLV: Spring - Odd years.

3 credits

HS 260 Family Dynamics

Course Description: An in-depth look at family dynamics from a family systems perspective. Attention will be paid to inter-generational, ethnic and gender themes; communication styles and conflict resolution; and therapeutic approaches to family dysfunction. Use of case studies and opportunity for work on students' own families.

Course Rotation: PLV: Fall.

3 credits

HS 261 Ethnic Family Lifestyles

Course Description: Exploration of the manner by which race, ethnicity, class, and gender impact on family functioning styles in relation to a variety of societal institutions. Discussion of potential impact of immigration and assimilation on family dysfunction.

Course Rotation: PLV: Spring - Even years.

3 credits

HS 296 Special Topics in Human Services

Course Description: This course offers the opportunity to study special topics of current interest. Students should consult the latest course offerings for announcement of this course. As topics vary from year to year, this course may be taken more than once for credit.

Course Rotation: TBA.

3 credits

HS 296D Administration and Supervision in Human Services

Course Description: This course is designed to familiarize the student with the roles, responsibilities and functions of the public service manager with emphasis on the special challenges and opportunities which the public sector environment poses. Students will learn the theoretical and practical components of planning, organizing, controlling, directing and supervising as they relate to public and not-for-profit organizations.

3 credits

HS 296F Topic: Human Services in Corrections

Course Description: This course will provide students with an opportunity to explore and discuss the current treatment interventions, which provide rehabilitative opportunities for inmates in correctional facilities.

3 credits

HS 296G Topic: Group Work in Human Services

Course Description: An exploration of group work in the human services field, learning and family systems theories. Focus on understanding group dynamics, leadership, and the various stages of group development (planning, beginning, assessment, middle, evaluation and ending). Use of case materials.

3 credits