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HW 255 Comparative Study of Public Health: A Field Study in the Netherlands

Prerequisite: Student will be required to walk distances during the field experience. Biking is also a means of transportation in the Netherlands.

Course Description: This course will offer Pace University students from all majors and disciplines the opportunity to have an international experience in which they critically analyze global models for public health with the anticipated outcome of positively impacting the design and implementation of international public health policies. Within a health and wellness framework, the students will compare and analyze health behaviors among Americans and residents of The Netherlands. Emphasis will be placed on global health issues such as environment safety, nutritional status, global warming, drug use and abuse, euthanasia, and abortion. Studies will analyze current public health policies in the United States as compared to public health policies in the Netherlands. The students will conduct an international field study in The Netherlands. Lecture and discussion groups will take place at Pace University and in The Netherlands.

Course Rotation: NYC: Spring, PLV: Spring.

3 credits

HW 297A Topic: Yoga, Pilates, and Your Body

Course Description: To fully explore health and wellness concepts, this course has both experiential and lecture components. In the studio, students experiment with several forms of exercise, including yoga and Pilates, and learn therapeutic movement concepts from the field of dance/movement therapy. In the classroom, the history, benefits, and contraindications of these disciplines are explored. Students study basic anatomy and its relationship to movement. Video footage of the history and practice of the forms of exercise studied is included.

3 credits