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LAS 101 The Other "America": Introduction to Latin American Studies

Satisfies 6 credits of Latin American Studies BA Program and for LAS Certificate and Minor, Groups B and C.
Old Core: Fulfills 3 credits of non-Western History and 3 credits of Modern Languages (equivalent to SPA 154) for Lubin, Lienhard and CSIS majors.
New Core: Fulfills 3 credits in Area of Knowledge III and 3 credits in Area of Knowledge IV.

Updated Course Description: This is a multidisciplinary introduction to the field of Latin American Studies (LAS) featuring overviews of the region's history and literature, together with a brief look at its economic structure and political development. Lectures, seminar discussions, and films. Provides awareness of domestic Latino culture, a rapidly emerging element of the U.S.A.'s ethnic mosaic, and pilots students to specialize in specific fields within LAS.

Course Rotation: NYC: Fall.


6 credits