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LAS 150 Modern Latin American Divas: Female Political, Social and Cultural Leadership in the Republican Era

Conducted in English. Satisfies 6 credits in Latin American Studies BA Program and for LAS Certificate and Minor, Groups C and D. Satisfies 6 credits toward Women's and Gender Studies major/minor. Satisfies 6 credits toward Film and Screen Studies major. Satisfies 3 credits toward Modern Languages and Cultures major, equivalent to SPA 154 and 3 credits toward History major, equivalent to a 100-level History course.
New Core: Fulfills 6 credits in Area of Knowledge III or fulfills 3 credits in Area of Knowledge III and 3 credits in Area of Knowledge IV.

Course Description: The course will focus on the role of women in Latin American society from the nineteenth century to the present. The course will highlight female leaders in the areas of politics, social movements, literature and the arts in one of the most important areas of the developing world. The accomplishments of these women will presented through a variety of readings, film, video, music, slides and Internet resources, as well as two cultural excursions in the New York area.


6 credits