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LAS 201 Latin America: The Caribbean and the World

Prerequisite: 3 credits of Non-Western History and 3 credits of Social Science. Satisfies 6 credits toward Latin American Studies BA Program and for LAS Certificate and Minor, Group D.
Old Core: Satisfies 3 credits of Economics (equal to ECO 360) and 3 credits of History (200-level). Qualifies as Internship (SPA 490) for Language, Culture and World Trade major.
New Core: Fulfills 3 credits in Knowledge III or 3 credits in Area of Knowledge I (service learning component) and 3 credits in Area of Knowledge V.

Updated Course Description: This course provides in-depth understanding of major issues of the economic development, history, class and race relations of Latin America and the Caribbean through a combination of classroom seminars and service learning internships in New York City/Latin Caribbean non-profit entities. All students must be available during Monday-Friday daytime hours to conduct 8 hours per week in unpaid New York City internship agencies. Instructors will assign each student an internship from among their network of agencies. Course is limited to 12 students.

Course Rotation: NYC: Fall.


6 credits