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LAS 210 Luz, Camara, Accion! : Film as Mirror of Social Change in Latin American History and Culture

Satisfies 6 credits toward Latin American Studies certificate/minor, Groups B and C. Satisfies 6 credits toward Film and Screen Studies major. Satisfies 3 credits toward Modern Languages and Cultures major, equivalent to SPA 154 and 3 credits toward History major, equivalent to a 200-level History course.
New Core: Fulfills 3 credits in Area of Knowledge III and 3 credits in Area of Knowledge IV.

Course Description: This course examines and analyzes the phenomenon of Cinema as a cultural voice reflecting social and political change in contemporary Latin America. Latin cineastes have favored social themes and view themselves as creative warriors in social and political struggles; this has both influenced and mirrored the region’s history, literature and culture. The course includes screenings of eight films reflecting the 21 countries of Latin America. Social issues reflected in Latin Cinema and explored here will include class and racial discrimination, female equality, homosexual rights, the 1970s-80s desaparecidos, immigration to the USA, and the Cuban Revolution. Course includes visits by Latin cineastes, who will share perspectives with the class and may also include one or more local excursions to museums of film screenings.


6 credits