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MAR 349A Strategic Internet Marketing

Prerequisite: MAR 250 and junior standing or equivalent experience. Open only to students enrolled in an Online Accelerated Bachelor's Degree Completion Program. Permission of Director required. Contact Janet Kirtman at for further registration information. Note: This course can be taken in place of MAR 349 in the Marketing major. Not open to students who have taken MAR 349 or MAR 396C, the special topics version of "Strategic Internet Marketing."

Course Description: This course focuses on the use of the Web for various business functions, including advertising, sales and distribution, marketing research, and customer service. It includes conceptual and experiential attention to the role of technology in the creation and operation of Web pages and presentations. Students learn how to analyze Web sites and integrate marketing plans involving Web sites. They also develop Web site proposal for marketing on the Web and for professional work. MAR 349A is required for students enrolled in the online accelerated Bachelor's Degree completion program in Professional Technology Studies.

Course Rotation: NYC and PLV: WWW.


4 credits


MAR 200 Minimum Grade of D or MAR 250 Minimum Grade of D