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MAR 356E Seminar in Marketing: Field Study of Emerging Markets and Technology in India

Prerequisite: MAR 250 and junior standing.

Course Description: The International Marketing Field Study provides students with a unique opportunity to learn about business customs and practices in different cultures through intensive study and travel in a foreign country. Students will meet with foreign business managers, educators, and government officials to discuss contemporary issues and business practices. In addition, students will study the cultural values and norms of the country being visited and participate in various cultural events and activities. Prior to departure, students are required to have an approved research topic which will be developed during the field study. Extensive use of Blackboard will be made to provide students with readings, case studies and web-assisted instructional materials. A research report incorporating the field experiences is due two weeks after the conclusion of the field study.

Course Rotation: TBA.


3 credits


MAR 250 Minimum Grade of D