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MAR 431 New Product Development

Prerequisite: MAR 250 and senior standing.

Course Description: This course covers the major phases of new product introduction in today's market. The Planning Stage: setting objectives, searching markets, idea development, and screening. The Development Stage: development of product, communication, prototype brand. Evaluation Stage: pre-testing, market testing. Emphasis is on factors leading to success and why many new products fail.

Course Rotation: NYC: Spring. PLV: Fall.

3 credits


MAR 200 Minimum Grade of D or MAR 250 Minimum Grade of D

MAR 445 Advertising and Communications Strategy

Not open to students who have completed or plan to take MAR 348.

Course Description: A comprehensive workshop course in which students simulate the activities of a professional ad agency. Students conceive, produce, and integrate all the components necessary for an advertising campaign for a new or current product or service. The course provides practical advanced training in research, planning and budgeting as well as the creative and media functions of advertising agencies.

Course Rotation: NYC: Fall and Spring; PLV: Spring.

3 credits


MAR 321 Minimum Grade of D and MAR 345 Minimum Grade of D

MAR 452 Export and Import Policies and Practices

Prerequisite: MAR 351 and senior standing.

Course Description: This course focuses on procedural practices and methods used in the handling of exports and imports. Areas treated are U.S. customs regulations and practices, tariff legislation, types of duties, marine and other insurance protection, sales contracts, price quotations, landed cost prices, merchandise entries, import documents and the preparation of export documents applicable to specific countries.

Course Rotation: NYC: Spring. PLV: TBA.

3 credits


MAR 351 Minimum Grade of D

MAR 495 Business Honors Program Senior Thesis in Marketing

Prerequisite: MAR 322 and senior standing in the Marketing Program and approval of Director or Associate Director of Business Honors Program.

Course Description: The Business Honors Program (BHP) provides students with the unique opportunity to pursue advanced study of a topic in their major area under the direction of a faculty mentor. The focus of the project can be either scholarship (research) or leadership (application) oriented. It should address an important and/or current issue in the discipline while allowing the student flexibility for the manifestation of his or her unique interests and objectives. Successful completion of the senior thesis is required of all BHP students. The outcome of the project will be a written report and presentation. Abstracts of completed projects will be published in appropriate outlets.

Course Rotation: Fall and Spring.

3 credits


MAR 322 Minimum Grade of D

MAR 499 Advanced Marketing Management

Course Description: This capstone course focuses on the integration of marketing management concepts. Experiential exercises are employed to provide students with opportunities to develop skills in the evaluation, diagnosis, and formulation of marketing strategies and tactics. Case studies and an advanced marketing simulation exercise are significant components of this course. This course should be taken in the final semester of study in the marketing major.

Course Rotation: NYC: Fall, Spring, and Summer. PLV: Fall and Spring.

3 credits


Pre-requisite for MAR 499 ( Course : FIN 260 . Minimum Grade of D. ) and (Course : MAR 322 . Minimum Grade of D. )