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MAR 673 Customer Intelligence

Course Description:Marketing departments are beginning to organize around the customer as opposed to the brand, product or channel in order to create more accountability of their programs and to be seen as a true steward of the customer relationship. These marketers recognize the growing power of customers in shaping interactions with them, and the necessity of creating value for their customers. To meet this challenge marketers require a better understanding of customer’s interactions. This can now be accomplished by tapping into information on customer’s actions, sentiments, experiences and interactions can and should be captured and leveraged. This case-based course helps the marketing practitioner develop existing and transformational skills and competencies required to compete in a more customer-centric digital age. A strategic intelligence framework will link competencies. In customer insights advanced analytics, scenario planning digital and social media, business intelligence and experimentation together to drive greater and more relevant dialogue with the customer.

Course Rotation:NY:Fall


3 credits