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MBA 651 Economic and Statistical Assessment for Business Operations

Prerequisite: You must be a member of the full time MBA cohort program to register. If you register for MBA 651, then you must register for MBA 652. Please contact Ms. Germaine Hodges at to register.

Course Description: This is a multidisciplinary course that covers the principles of macroeconomics and statistical analysis. Topics to be covered in the macroeconomic portion of the course include aggregate demand and supply, money and the banking system, monetary and fiscal policy, inflation, and the international monetary system. Topics to be covered in the statistical analysis portion of the course include data analysis, descriptive analysis, probability theory, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing and regression analysis. The course will alternate lectures devoted to the two disciplines. There will also be regular labs in the course that will serve to reinforce the material that is discussed in the lectures. These labs will meet weekly. There is also a group project that the students will work on throughout the semester. The group project will serve to provide an applied approach to the materials that are taught in the course. The students will then make a presentation at the end of the semester on their group project. A separate document outlines the group project in detail. As a component of the course, and one critical for both individual development and ability to work with others, we will address team types and their development; an introduction to leadership and follower ship; and common problems that occur on the human side of the organization with alternative ways of addressing them.

Course Rotation: NY: Fall, Spring.


5 credits