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MBA 652 Marketing and Management for Value Creation

Prerequisite: You must be a member of the full time MBA cohort program to register. If you register for MBA 652, then you must register for MBA 651. Please contact Ms. Germaine Hodges at to register.

Course Description: An overview of the concepts, structure and operations of domestic and international marketing systems will be discussed throughout the course. Topics include the firm's marketing mix (product, distribution, promotion and pricing) and others, such as, market segmentation, targeting, positioning and research strategies for the marketing mix as it affects consumer and organizational buying behavior; macro-environmental (cultural, legal competitive, social, political, economic) issues including legal and ethical responsibilities; and finally, development and evaluation of marketing plans (final consumers). Global marketing will be emphasized throughout the course with reference to NAFTA countries, European Union member nations, and Asia. Case studies will be used to apply marketing concepts to real situations. Knowledge of the digital environments will be enhanced using case examples and exercises.

Course Rotation: NY: Fall, Spring.


4 credits