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MBA 654 Managing and Controlling the Supply Chain

This course replaces MBA 630, and parts of MBA 624 and MBA 628.

Prerequisite: You must be a member of the full time MBA cohort program to register. If you register for MBA 654, then you must register for MBA 653.

Course Description: This is a multidisciplinary course that covers the principles of managerial accounting, microeconomics analysis and operations management. The course is intended to extend over a fourteen-week semester with each class week broken into two segments providing for a four and one half hour lecture segment and a two and a half hour laboratory segment. Students study the issues related to managing and controlling the organization’s operations to assure that these processes meet the firm’s strategic goals as well as its operational requirements. Topics of study are drawn from the disciplines of operations management, cost accounting and micro economics.

Course Rotation: NYC: Spring.


6 credits


MBA 651 Min Grade C and MBA 652 Min Grade C


MBA 653