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MBA 655 Strategy and People Management

Prerequisite: You must be a member of the full time MBA cohort program to register. Please contact Ms. Amy Vandawalker at to register.

Course Description: This module is the capstone of the MBA program. In it, students explore the role and responsibilities of general managers and leaders in business organizations. Drawing upon knowledge gained from the whole MBA program and from their own experience, students learn how to develop general management policies. They examine how corporate objectives and strategy are developed and implemented in a global business environment. In addition, they develop techniques for structuring a firm to create value and maximize performance. Coupled with the strategy focus, the module also explores the human side of the organization, looking at leadership, conflict, motivation, individual differences, team collaboratin and related topics. (The module is composed of 3 credits of strategy and 3 credits of organizational behavior. It is taken in student’s final semester.)

Course Rotation: NY: Fall, Spring.


6 credits


MBA 651 Minimum Grade of B and MBA 652 Minimum Grade of B and MBA 653 Minimum Grade of B and MBA 654 Minimum Grade of B