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MBA 662 Marketing and Micro Economics for Value Creation

Prerequisite: You must be a member of the full time MBA cohort program to register. Please contact Ms. Amy Vandawalker at to register.

Course Description: This module has a dual focus: marketing and microeconomics. It provides an overview of the concepts, structure and operations of domestics and international marketing systems. Topics include the firm’s marketing mix (product, distribution and pricing), market segmentation, targeting, positioning and research to develop strategies for the marketing mix as it affects consumer and organizational buying behavior: legal and ethical issues related to marketing: and the development and evaluation of marketing plans. Additionally, the module focuses on the nature of economics, supply and demand, production and costs and market structures. The module concludes with a team project that requires application of marketing and microeconomic principles to a business problem. (The module is composed of 3 credits of marketing and 2 credits of microeconomics. It is taken with MBA 661 and 663).

Course Rotation: NY: Fall and Spring.


5 credits