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MBA 711 Business Analysis and Statistics

Course Description: A student project team will study the problem of replacing or developing an organizational service operation. To solve the problem students are required to research the operational issues associated with the improved service center. They will be required to access the existing operating facility and recommend methods to bring the facility up to the specified standards. They will be required to specify necessary technology and to develop staffing plans that will meet the new operational requirements. Some of the learning outcomes for this project are: How to decide whether to lease or build a facility, How to define the financing needed to establish the new facility, How to develop a budget for the project, How to show the comparative advantage of the team's recommended facility vs. other possible choices, How to use quantitative techniques to analyze the effectiveness of the recommended operation once it is established, How to demonstrate the appropriateness of the recommended technology to meet the objectives of the new service operation, How to analyze the impact the service center's technology will have on the firm's knowledge base of its customers, How to recruit, develop, compensate, and retain a workforce, How to identify the effect of the local culture and customs on the operation of the service center, How the design of the service center's organization will contribute to the stability and satisfaction of the center's work force.


6 credits