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MBA 712 Business Strategy

Course Description: A student project team will develop a business strategy and implementation plan to improve the financial and operating performance of the firm within 3 to 5 years. Justification for the strategy will include 5-year industry demand and firm market share projections, pro forma financial statements, and earnings pershare forecasts that will result from the business strategy. Some of the learning outcomes from completing this project include: How to appraise the significant impacts of the broad environment on a firm's industry and business strategy and assess the impact of demographic, economic, governmental, international, physical, social, and technological forces on the products demand, firm performance, and strategic requirements of the industry, How to define and analyze the competitive environment of a firm, including the trends and conditions that influence the strength of substitute products, potential entrants, bargaining power of suppliers and customers, and rivalry among competitors, How to assess the resources and capabilities of firm to support business objectives and performance objectives over time, including the functions such as marketing, operations, technology, finance, and human resources, How to identify and evaluate the performance objectives and business strategy of firm, including analysis of how the strategy, will achieve the desired performance objective and will create economic and social value, and assessment of the likely response to competitors and potential competitors to the strategy, How to design the organizational structure, process and systems to implements a business strategy, including the following: job functions, reporting relationships, recruitment and selection policies, training and development programs, measurement and evaluation systems, reward and restraint procedures, and planning and budgeting systems. How to appraise the influence of organizational structure, politics, leadership, and culture on the strategy formulation and implementation process.


6 credits