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MBA 713 Global Corporate Diversification Strategy

Course Description: A student project team will develop an analysis of and recommendation for the impact of a business acquisition, divestiture, strategic alliance, or other strategic initiative on the performance and operations of a global diversified company such as General Electric Philips, or Matsushita. Support for the recommendation will include financial projections, corporate strategy considerations, and organizational impacts. The project should also analyze the interrelationships between the proposed strategic initiatives on the synergy with other businesses in the firm's portfolio. Some of the learning outcomes from completing this project include:
How to evaluate acquisitions, divestitures, and strategies and international strategies
How to evaluate acquisitions, divestitures, and strategic alliance in an international context
How to assess the financial performance and capital structure of a multibusiness, multinational firm
How to identify and evaluate the various synergies that can result when a firm competes simultaneously in several industries and countries, How to assess the appopriateness of organizational structures, systems, and processes to manage the complexities inherent in a multibusiness, multinational firm, How to determine the role and effectiveness of organizational leadership and corporate culture in a complex firm.


6 credits