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MBA 715 Marketing

Course Description: A student project team will develop a business plan for an existing or new e-commerce business for a service or product. This project will involve the development of a full scale marketing plan which incorporated all forms of integrated marketing communication necessaru to drive traffic to the Web site and build loyal customers. Projects may include existing businesses engaged in or interested in building a Web presence with ecommerce or internet start-ups that require venture capital. Some of the learning outcomes from completing this project include: How to propose a business plan for an ecommerce enterprise to either outside investors or corporate managers; How to design and develop new services or products for e-commerce; How to define target markets as assess market needs for a new service or product; How to segment markets and determine the advantages and disadvantages of serving them; How to forecast market demand for a service or product; How to formulate an integrated marketing program and the marketing mix (price, product, promotion, place, etc.) for a Web-based enterprise; How to estimate costs and develop capital, and operating budgets for a new venture or expansion.


6 credits