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MBA 716 Finance

Course Description: This module is focused primarily on corporate finance, with particular emphasis on capital budgeting, cost of capital, valuation principles, and statistical analysis. A project based team will be responsible for analyzing the financial implications of a new capital expenditure of the firm. The team will be responsible for determining the financial decision of the firm as well as addressing the effect that the new capital expenditure will have on firm value. The project will also forcast cash flows and perform a risk analysis of the firm. Develop an understanding of the basic concepts in corporate finance with a particular emphasis on capital budgeting techniques such as the net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR), adjusted net present value model (ANPV), and the profitability index (PI); An understanding of bond valuation and equity valuation; An understanding of how to determine the cost of capital of the firm and apply appropriate discount rates for a firm; An understanding of the trade offs of financing projects with debt or equity; A working knowledge of statistical analysis-applying standard deviation, variance, covariance, and correlation coefficients; An understanding or regression analysis and examples of application in corporate finance; A working knowledge of many of the functions of Excel including statistical functions and regression analysis.


6 credits