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MBA 717 Public Policy

Course Description: This module consists of a number of learning exercises, discussion questions, and a major project. In the project, a team charged with contributing information and evaluations affecting management's strategic and operational decision making responsibilities and with suggesting strategic and operational alternatives for improving the company's efficiency and profitability. The student teams will develop and implement an activity based cost/management (ABC/M) for the company's distribution operations. Some learning outcomes resulting from completion of this module include: An understanding the distinction between reporting systems and information systems.
An appreciation of the competing demands for precision and accuracy and the cost/benefit trade off in designing and implementing a management information system, An understanding of cost behavior in response to changes in business operational resources and the level and mix of business activities, The development of skill in analyzing and interpreting variances from expectations or among alternative outcomes, An ability to assess the adequacy or organizational capacities available to support actual and projected strategic and operational plans and to develop and assess appropriate strategic or operational responses, An ability to identify costs that are relevant in a given decision-making or evaluation situation and explain the cost consequences of actual and projected outcomes, An understanding of how to incorporate considerations of risk and uncertainty in the preparation forecasts and performance assessments, The design of performance measures and reports that are appropriate and useful to managers responsible for specific aspects of operations and planning, The development of skill in using cost information to suggest possible actions that may be taken to reduce costs while at the same time contributing to overall profitability and customer satisfaction, Skills in presenting and defending your findings and recommendations in a clear, concise, and on-point manner, understandable to an audience knowledgeable in the industry and market, but lacking string technical skills in accounting and analytics.


6 credits