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MBA 718 Organizational Behavior and Change

Course Description: Student teams gather information on large , complex organizations over time to determine how the organizations have dealt with change in the past and to project what they might do to accommodate, or perhaps even anticipate, the need for change in the future. Some organizations studied in the recent past are: Apple Computer, General Electric, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, and Xerox. This module focuses primarily on the human side of organizations, with secondary focuses on strategy, marketing, and finance issues. In completing the module, students will: Review a range of writing and thought on organizational change alter the approaches organizations take a leadership and management, Investigate how companies have managed their employees and their environment has changed, often rapidly, Track adjustments in organizational structure over time, Identify and follow shifts in organizational strategy and marketing resulting from a changing environment, Follow how changes in the environment have led to shifts in operations, Discover how shifting environmental factors in the past and present affect companies' internal financial condition and position in the global marketplace.


6 credits