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MGS 664 Enterprise Resource Planning

Prerequisite: IS 613 and advanced standing.

Course Description:Corporations are now recognizing the strategic role of the operation function in satisfying customer needs. A systemic approach that takes a cradle-to-grave approach of a product or process is now being taken by corporations in order to meet these needs. Such approach requires tracking the operation process from raw material acquisition to fabrication, assembly, customer delivery, and waste disposal. All these can only be achieved through integrated information systems. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) enables the corporation not only to track the product or process but also to coordinate and manage the activities that are involved in the operations process. It is an integrated process that shares common database for all the functional units of an organization. Through ERP, a comprehensive management of the financial, manufacturing, marketing and distribution, and human resources issues across the enterprise could be better coordinated for the efficient running of the organization. ERP therefore, helps the enterprise to become more competitive by improving the performance and quality of the entire supply chain. Today's managers therefore, must learn how to manage processes in an ERP environment. Enterprise resource planning is applicable to any sector of the economy. Manufacturing, service and public enterprises face the same common problems of how to coordinate or manage their operations function. Thus, this is a topic of great interest to every organization. ERP is about achieving a fully integrated information system through the supply chain or value chain. This enhances the quality of business decisions that are made. The demands on organizations are constantly changing. Integrated information is the key to competitiveness. It is no longer enough to provide high quality, low cost products or services to customers. Without integrated information system, the organization will be unable to respond rapidly to changes in the market place and will in fact, not optimize its services.


0 - 3 credits


IS 613 Min Grade C