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MGT 323 Organizational Behavior and the Virtual Enterprise

Not open to students who have completed MGT 322. Open first to students enrolled in an Online Accelerated Bachelor's Degree Completion program. As space permits, Lubin students may take MGT 323 as a substitute for MGT 322. Contact Janet Kirtman at for further registration information.

Course Description: Organizational Behavior and Culture addresses human behavior and interpersonal skills in organizational settings and cultures. Using an interactive approach, this course deals with people in organizations and developing people centered organizations. Students are introduced to concepts of organizations at the individual, team or group and organizational level. Relationships between organizational members will include issues of management and leadership, superior- subordinate relations, communication, formal and informal group interactions;interp ersonal and intergroup conflict; cooperation, discipline, motivation, job satisfaction, and change. Understanding these issues leads to an understanding of major organizational outcomes i.e., performance, satisfaction, absenteeism and turnover and processes that managers can use to positively influence these outcomes. Theory and practice will be integrated as students learn about and experience working as a virtual student on a virtual project team within a virtual organization (the class). The course is personalized so that each student has first hand experience with the concepts presented. The course will use multiple delivery methods including individual on-line learning, collaborative distance learning tools as well as telephone and video.


4 credits


MGT 250 Minimum Grade of D